Colors & Colorless Combine with Dan Stafford


Dan Stafford is an artist from the UK, whose work you might recognize from his cover feature in the November 2012 issue of Computer ArtsHis audacious designs captivate and keep you staring. This is especially apparent in his three-dimensional work, in which he juxtaposes smooth colorless figures with bold-colored vector shapes. The colors and contrast stop and fixate your eyes on the image, and then the flowing lines of the figures move you through the piece. His work demands more than a moment’s glance. Stafford explains his perspective on engaging the viewer, saying, “I am keenly interested in pattern and shape as a way to manipulate the human eye as well as colour’s innate ability to confuse, disorientate and direct the viewer’s attention.”

mg_danstafford2 mg_danstafford2b

As they are quite dense with imagery, give yourself a little time to explore each piece. Take particular notice of his politically-charged “Miss Iran,” in which a squatting woman with a black eye salutes the viewer, all while simultaneously wearing an Hijab, heels, no underwear, and a red, white, and blue puff sleeve.

mg_danstafford3 mg_danstafford4mg_danstafford5

Images vis Lancia TrendVisions. Images & quote via D&DA.

>> See more of Dan Stafford’s work


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