Inked Shapes on Bodies & Faces with Alana Dee Haynes


DEE. At first, that’s the only word you’ll see on NYC artist Alana Dee Haynes’ website, in bold, black, Helvetica letters. Her work is in your face immediately, with huge images of bodies and faces she’s manipulated and perforated in really striking ways. She superimposes geometric patterns, usually some form of honeycombed circles, with black ink on photographs.

mg_alanadeehaynes6 mg_alanadeehaynes7 mg_alanadeehaynes2

Her images are dark, and some, particularly the ones that look like children, are even haunting. She has a penchant for nude figures, who she clothes with ink or adorns with jewelry-like patterns. Her mixed media approach confuses your eye, initially leaving you unsure of what exactly you’re seeing. Like with Dan Stafford and Aaron Moran, this is another great example of an artist juxtaposing geometric shapes and patterns with something more organic, which ultimately creates a very compelling image that is more rewarding the longer you look at it.

mg_alanadeehaynes5 mg_alanadeehaynes4 mg_alanadeehaynes8mg_alanadeehaynes9mg_alanadeehaynes10

>> See more of Alana Dee Haynes’ work at


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