Tame Impala’s psychedelic album artist Leif Podhajsky


It’s 2 A.M. after hours and hours of design work. I turn on Tame Impala’s Lonerism to relax my mind. While wandering the internet for inspiring art, I discover the work of Leif Podhajsky. The easy adjective to describe his work is psychedelic. When I close my exhausted eyes while listening to “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” my mind effortlessly slips into a creative haze. What I see is exactly what Leif’s work looks like.


In a magical coincidence, he created the album artwork for Lonerism, the same Tame Impala album I’m listening to. His portfolio is packed with various album covers and concert posters. He has a knack for colorful atmosphere, which he uses to manipulate your emotions, making you feel a sort of chill melancholy, regardless of where you were 5 minutes prior.

His portfolio also has a lot of personal experiments, which suggests that Leif is certainly an artist beyond his commercial work. He has a distinct look, and it seems as though he loves creating. “His work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered experience. By utilizing these subjects he attempts to inspire the viewer into a realignment with themselves and their surroundings.”


Close your eyes, calm your mind, and open yourself up to receive this artist’s entrancing work.

>> See more of Leif Podhajsky’s work at leifpodhajsky.com


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