The Perfect Is Made Imperfect :: A Sculpture by Mark Daavid


Mark Daavid is a very physical designer from Budapest. He works in a vast array of mediums, such as furniture design, branding, fashion, product design, and others. He’s astoundingly diverse. The subject of today’s post is in another medium: sculpture.

The project of his that first caught my eye was perfection, a dark clay object spanning nearly six feet wide. It is photographically presented as a story, a series of images that show the transformation of this sculpture. (Excluding the image above, the following are presented in their original order.) When it begins, it’s a perfectly sculpted polygon, with hard lines and smooth surfaces. Having a very subtle texture, the clay almost appears like taut suede. The clay is black, but the lighting produces a monochromatic range of shades.

mg_daavid1 mg_daavid2 mg_daavid3 mg_daavid4 mg_daavid5

Immediately, you notice the stark contrast of the clay model and its seemingly empty surroundings. It floats in space, resting on nothing, hanging on nothing. Aside from the contrast of lightness, the dark object on the light background, there is a contrast of density. All of the mass in this space is concentrated in the object, as though it were a magnet sucking toward it everything in its range.

And dramatically, it explodes. The former perfection of the polygon’s hard lines are mangled. With its walls torn apart, It is now revealed that the object is cavernous, not as solid as it initially seemed.

mg_daavid6 mg_daavid7 mg_daavid8 mg_daavid9

Daavid gives us the word “perfection” to use as a lens through which to receive this story. Simply interpreted, something perfect is made imperfect. Furthermore, perhaps he intends to ponder what perfection is, or he wants to explore the beauty of that destructive process.

Art can allow our imaginations to understand a single sensory experience in multiple ways, beyond what the artist himself could have imagined. Daavid created a space for us to do just that. Regardless of all else, perfection is a beautiful work of minimalism that feels poignant and is a delight to behold.


>> See more of Daavid’s work at


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