Palm Trees & Hundred Dollar Bills :: by Susann Stefanizen


There is a great joy in discovering that a group of works you love was created by the same artist. On my Pinterest, I’ve pinned at least a half dozen artworks of Berlin designer and illustrator Susann Stefanizen. However, I had found them in random places, never knowing their author or assuming their connection. So, I’m quite excited to discover the source of these works.


Her work that I am highlighting falls into four categories. In the first, which I find most fascinating, she creates collage style images, sometimes portraits, combining the organic and geometric. The raw materials are usually recognizable forms, like palm trees or hundred dollar bills, or an image already existing, that she manipulates into her own shapes and textures. Recognizing the pieces of her collages is a novelty, but the work overall is an oversaturated world with loud, clashing colors and a lot of movement.


The second category of her work is straight illustration. The collage style is still present, as she combines miss matched lines and scribbles. In the portrayals of people, they are faceless, so you’re disconnected from what’s happening, and the world she creates is kind of surreal as a result.

The third grouping contains works of simple and enjoyable triangles, squares, and colors, well conceived, and playful executed.


Lastly, she has a couple striking typographical presentations. She uses broad black and white painted strokes that are accompanied by subtle floating forms: blobs of ink, a spider-web like netting, an orbiting planet. Sharp with contrast, these works use their simplicity to be the most immediately engaging.


I look forward to seeing more work from this young artist. She has a number of  talents and directions she can take her art. But, for now, enjoy this display.

>> More of Susann Stefanizen at


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