Collages of Color, Digital & “Real” by Nicolas Burrows


Nicolas Burrows is an artist from the British Isles who works in a variety of mediums. He groups these collages in the categories of “digital” and “real” (meaning the physical ones). They present a fascinating juxtaposition of artworks with similar end results, but different means of getting there. With simple shapes, we can see the limitations and values of both mediums.

Burrows is part of a three-man collective, Nous Vous. The same sophisticated simplicity in Burrows’ work is well-portrayed in Nous Vous’s portfolio, which is definitely worth checking out at

mg_burrows2 mg_burrows3 mg_burrows3b mg_burrows4 mg_burrows5 mg_burrows6 mg_burrows7

>> See more of Nicolas Burrows’ work at


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