“Dislocated Body Parts & Bold, Geometric Patterns”


The album packaging for Black Devil Disco Club’s Circus is a collaboration between Géraldine Georges’ illustration and the design of Non-Format, a London-based design studio of Kjell Elkhorn and Jon Forss.

In the December 2012 issue of Print Magazine, Jon Forss elaborates on the artwork:

“Géraldine Georges created the primary imagery for our design of Black Devil’s previous album, Eight Oh Eight, and we jumped at the chance to work with her again when Circus arrived. I think she beautifully captured the dark side of the album’s themes with her mixture of flailing, dislocated body parts and bold, geometric patterns. As a complement to Géraldine’s images, we created a custom typeface that allows the artist’s name and the album title to tumble across every surface of the gatefold sleeve in a display of dystopian typographic acrobatics.”


mg_nonformat3 mg_nonformat4 mg_nonformat5

Images & Quote via Print Magazine.

>> See more of Géraldine Georges’ work at geraldinegeorges.be.
>> See more of Non-Format’s work at non-format.com.


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