Glitter & Shapes, Album Art for Liza Manili by Leslie David


I love this album art! It’s simple, extraordinarily eye-catching, and of course, very geometric. Leslie David, who was previously featured on Minimo Graph, has managed to use glitter tastefully, texturing boldly colored shapes, making them sparkle. She created this art for the debut album of French actress and singer, Liza Manili (not to be confused with Liza Minnelli).

David captured the lightheartedness of Manili’s pop songs, with the use of photography by Dorothée Perkins. In Manili’s video for “L’éclipse”—which you can watch at the bottom of this post—her playfulness, innocent appearance, and child-like delivery of lyrics mix with the dreamlike surreality of a Michel Gondry video.


[Music video of Liza Manili’s “L’éclipse”]

>> See Leslie David’s previous feature on Minimo Graph here.
>> Find out more about Liza Manili at
>> See more of Leslie David’s work at


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