The Chaotic Lines & Biological Wonderment of Dan Catterman


French designer Dan Catterman created this series “based on chaotic lines” and “desctructuring & restructuring.” He combines photography, design, illustration, and vector shapes to create images that are like sculptures in an empty space. Their density is concentrated with central areas of gritty textures and deep color, framed by an open blankness.

Living organisms are an apparent theme, sometimes explicitly represented, otherwise less so. Their scientific aesthetic presents a sense of biological wonderment, as if they are under a microscope. Simultaneously, there is a great theme of death with the human representations: spines isolated from bodies, skulls, inanimate faces, and detached hands. All of these are juxtaposed with inorganic sharp triangles and mangled wireframes.

mg_catterman4mg_catterman2 mg_catterman3mg_catterman5 mg_catterman6 mg_catterman7 mg_catterman8

>> See more of Dan Catterman’s work at


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