Scenery & Silhouettes, Mixed Media Mashups by Erin Case


With the help of photographer Andrew Tamlyn, Erin Case created these mixed media mashups of scenery and silhouettes. Remarkably, Case is still a student at Delta College in Midland, Michigan. Despite not having even left school, her work is widely exhibited and publicized in various magazines and journals. This summer, her work is touring Canada as part of Art In Transit.

At university, she is pursuing dual degrees in fine arts and psychology. In light of this combination, it’s worth noting the significance of who these people, in the collages, are. While the models’ faces have disappeared, the landscapes that take their place convey a personality. The coiffured blonde hair rests atop a beach. The frazzle-haired Coachella girl in the white lace top is replaced by a panorama of distant California mountains.

Case uses the photographs against each other forcing different perspectives that change the longer you stare. She also allows you to see the photographs in a more abstract way—as textures, shapes, and colors—not only as the recognizable objects within them.

You can purchase originals and prints of Case’s work at Saatchi.

mg_case2 mg_case3mg_case4mg_case5mg_case6mg_case7mg_case8mg_case9mg_case10

>> See more of Erin Case’s work at


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