Experiencing the Art is the Art :: Christopher Derek Bruno


Christopher Derek Bruno is an Atlanta-based artist with an education in industrial design. Naturally, his art is very physical and multi-dimensional. He explores the “visual cognitive experience” of the viewer with these works of enamel on wood and panel. Unlike a flat painting on a canvas or a poster design, his artworks must be seen from different perspectives and angles in order to be fully seen.


No single view can represent the whole. This is why his art is not just a thing, but an interaction between the viewer and the artwork. It would be ideal if we could see these in person. We could move around freely, see the work from unlimited angles, and even interact with other viewers who are looking at the same piece, but from their own perspective. The tangible artwork he created stands on its own, but Bruno has also created a mental space for you to connect with what you are seeing. And that experience in itself might be what Bruno is ultimately intending to create.


This past Friday, Bruno collaborated on an exhibit in Berlin with Clemens Behr, one of my favorite artists who was previously interviewed on Minimo Graph, and Raby Florence. The Project was called THE SUM IS WHOLE THAN THE PARTS OF ITS MORE, and featured a dynamic installation, in which the artists used a shared set of materials and worked off of each others work.

>> See more of Christopher Derek Bruno’s work at christopherderekbruno.com.


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