Why Designers Must Play :: Digital Art by Maria Grønlund


I’ve recently revisited Illustrator’s blending tool, experimenting with my own combinations of colors and shapes, which is why Maria Grønlund’s I speak fluid colors project caught my eye. Using the same blending tools in Illustrator, Grønlund, an extraordinary Danish graphic designer, created these abstract works in a playful manner, with bright primary and secondary colors dancing in and out of one another. It is a light-hearted exercise in aesthetics.

This is a great example of a personal project that is so necessary for all creatives. Grønlund was a classical musician that made a drastic shift toward graphic design in her 30s, now co-owning a development company with her husband: Pixelsonrails. To me, this portrays an artist with great passion, and out from that naturally comes recreational designing, aside from the client work that pays the bills. In addition to the importance of playful design experiments in nourishing creativity, they also make designers better at their client work. If you check out her portfolio, you can see how the style of her client work is inspired by her personal projects. Rather than a distinct difference between design for play and design for work, Grønlund works in both realms fluidly.

>> See more of Maria Grønlund’s work at behance.net/MariaGroenlund.


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