Transparent Layered Portraits by Lia Bira

mg_bira1 mg_bira2 mg_bira3 mg_bira4 mg_bira5 mg_bira6 mg_bira7 mg_bira8

Lia Bira, a Romanian artist, created these portraits with transparent layers that are independently abstract, but form a whole portrait. The necessity of viewing the art from different angles is similar to Christopher Derek Bruno’s featured work last week. His designs differ, in that the most complete images were viewed from the sides, whereas Bira’s artworks appear abstract from the sides and form recognizable faces when viewed head on.

These works are also an interesting juxtaposition to Musa WorkLab’s deconstruction of typography into its geometric elements, which was featured in the most recent post. Rather than solid shapes as the pieces of the whole, Bira’s subjects—faces—are more organic and deconstruct into abstract organic shapes.

I’d love to get your thoughts on these artworks, especially relative to the works of the other artists mentioned. To start the discussion, answer this: keeping in mind the need to view the artworks from different angles, what do you think is the effect of Bira’s focus on human features compared to Bruno’s geometric compositions?

>> See more of Lia Bira’s work at


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