Chubby, Fantastic Creatures in the Garden of Good and Evil

mg_aitch1 mg_aitch2 mg_aitch3 mg_aitch4 mg_aitch5 mg_aitch6 mg_aitch7 mg_aitch8 mg_aitch9 mg_aitch10 mg_aitch11

These illustrations are a selection from Aitch’s The Garden of Good and Evil exhibition. She created scenes of galloping, slithering, and singing creatures with a rainbow spectrum of colors. All of the garden’s inhabitants dance in and out of each other’s shapes. It is a wonderful event.

On the origins of her unique stylized treatment of her subjects, she explains, “I started drawing weird chubby fantastic creatures during my studies at the University of Art and Design in Timisoara, Romania, as a sort of subversive reaction to the academical ways of treating human anatomy.” With this distinct illustrative style, she captured an epic Eden with the beauty, movement, and fantasy of an an uninhibited imagination gone wild.

The Garden of Good and Evil stood out to me the most, but Aitch has so many other works you should check out. Two of my favorite series are The Blue Period and The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Project.

Aitch is represented by Illozoo illustration agency.

>> See more of Aitch’s work at


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