Painted Layers of Geometric Patterns by Jennifer Sanchez

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Jennifer Sanchez is an artist from Florida, living and painting in New York City. Prints of her paintings are used on everything from wallpaper, to sporting goods, to cosmetic packaging. Aside from just a source of exposure and income, Sanchez says that she’s “always interested in exploring new ways my paintings can be printed on surfaces.” In this, she is a very pragmatic artist, endorsing the art of licensing. If you are an artist or freelancer of any kind, check out her insightful blogpost on licensing here.

Her paintings are “layers of geometric patterns, stripes and schmears of vivid colors,” with an emphasis on “materials, process and pure visual pleasure.” She starts a piece not knowing where it is going. It begins with a general concept, and then “it’s only through trial and error that the paintings slowly evolve into their own.”

>> See more of Jennifer Sanchez’s work at


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