Collages, GIFs & Film Posters :: Eclectic Work by Jules Tardy

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Paris-born Jules Tardy, 25, moved to London at the age of twelve, in what he describes as a “multicultural environment.” He did his undergrad in London and then went to the School of Visual Arts in New York for his MFA. He now resides in Brooklyn, working at Mother New York. His work is also all over the place. Perhaps it was his multicultural experience in London that did it, or the fact that he split his years between three of the greatest cities in the world, particularly for art. He basically grew up with the Louvre, went through adolescence with Tate Modern, and has spent his early adult years with MoMA. His artistic influences must come from so many different angles.

Many of the artists I feature on Minimo Graph have fairly distinct styles that are apparent across most of their body of work. Tardy’s is really difficult to define as a body of work. It’s not that individual pieces are indescribable, he just has a unique and varied approach to each piece. Of the six images featured here, the first two are obviously related, and the last two make a nice pair, both with similar textures, colors, and the same client, Colony Footwear (who has not launched yet, but has a remarkable Tumblr collection of art displayed in the meantime). All of his work is bold and sometimes a little cheeky (see his Sarah Palin cover for Newsweek), but I wouldn’t necessarily recognize all of his artworks as being from the same artist. In this particular case, I really like that. It was difficult to pick a cohesive selection of images for this post, but the differences highlight his exploratory nature as an artist. He is young and fresh out of school. His artistic direction could go anywhere. His portfolio illustrates that freedom.

You should definitely follow his work. I actually got these images from his Tumblr, which isn’t even his main portfolio, a separate collection of work with totally different styles.

>> See more of Jules Tardy’s work at &


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