Origami Folded Faces :: Portraits by Alma Haser

mg_haser1 mg_haser2 mg_haser3 mg_haser4 mg_haser5 mg_haser6 mg_haser7 mg_haser8

In her series Cosmic Surgery, Alma Haser combines the art of origami with photography. To create these portraits, she first photographs her subjects and then makes multiple prints. From there, she focuses on the faces, which she manipulates with origami-folding to create geometric sculptures of faces turned inside out.

With multiple prints, she is able to repeat facial features in alternating patterns, such as the example of one girl’s polygonal tumor, comprised of a dozen of her eyes and lips. Finally, she rephotographs the photographs she printed with the folded photographs on top of them, creating the images you see above.

This is one of the only instances in Haser’s portfolio, in which she physically manipulates the medium. But, she creates the same off-kilter scenes through other means in her photography. Check out the rest of her work because I think this series is especially interesting within the context of her entire portfolio..

>> See more of Alma Haser’s work at haser.org.


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