Colorful Sculpted Faces :: Album Art by Ben Roth

roth1 roth2mg_roth5mg_roth4roth3

Ben Roth is a Berlin-based artist working as an art director and illustrator. His speciality is interpreting music into a visual form—an example of which is the album art above for Alan Braxe’s EP Moments in Time. Listen to the first track above. You can download the EP for free here.

Ben Roth has an awesome blog called The Door of Perception. Much like this blog, it’s collection of Roth’s artistic influences, some purely visual and others more conceptual. Roth describes it as “an ever-growing compilation of things that talk to me on a deep level.” Beyond artwork, Roth even explores an invention: the  “Markus Kayser Solar Sinter,” a solar-powered 3D printer that creates objects out of sand.

In addition to the album artwork, Roth has adapted the design for a limited edition of silkscreen posters, which can be seen above (the one with a red head on a blue background). If you’re interested, you can order them by contacting Ben at

>> See more of Ben Roth’s work at


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