Outerspace, Crow, Crystal, Tiger, Matador, Smoke & Skull

mg_wkm1 mg_wkm2 mg_wkm3

“Who Killed Mickey” is the pseudonym of a French artist whose real name might be Jean, but that can’t be verified, so I’ll just call him WKM. I discovered his collages today, which mash up fashion magazines, religious iconography, pornography, and flowers, just to name a few of his endlessly varied raw materials. His biography is mysterious, as far as I can tell. He describes his residence: I live in La Poudriére, a private asylum in Alsace. Here I have small cottage on the hospital grounds were I create various forms of art that help me express myself. I have no idea if that’s true or not. He’s incredibly elusive.

Featured above are three of his more brightly-colored artworks, with solid colors and geometric shapes mixed in with his usual organic textures and human forms. The colors and composition are just perfect—he can control where your eye moves.

There are dozens of other works I’d love to share, but I will save those for a later post. I’ve contacted WKM, and if I can get in touch with him, perhaps we can do an interview on the blog. I’ll keep you posted.

>> See more of Who Killed Mickey’s work at whokilledmickey.com.


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