Frac Centre Pavilion Sculpture by Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY

mg_tvm1 mg_tvm2 mg_tvm3 mg_tvm4 mg_tvm5 mg_tvm6

The Frac Centre Pavilion in Orleans, France is a large scale, experimental structure, combining architecture, art, and computation. Led by Marc Fornes, THEVERYMANY create encapsulating spaces that look like digital 3D models. In the case of the Pavilion, a 30-foot tall white honeycomb weaves in and out of itself, with curves like a Dr. Seuss tree.

Design team
Marc Fornes (Principal), John Becker, Peter Nguyen
Development & prototypes: Marc Fornes (Principal), Peter Nguyen, Jeff Quantz
Custom computation protocols: Marc Fornes in Python / Rhinocommon
CNC Cutting: Plastik Banana /Bradeson Brinton +Shawn Komlos, Chris Hone, Alan Hurst

10+ m long, 6m large, 4.5m high ( 30′ * 18′ *15′ )

– 269,991 square inches (1875 square feet) Surface Area
– 155 780 holes (CNC drilled)
– 9 325 texts (CNC engraved)
– 6 367 stripes (CNC cut)
– 570 single components (CNC cut)
– 75 000 white aluminum rivets
– 145 sheets 4*8 (2/2.5 hours machining)
– 40 modules pre-assembled
– 4 weeks pre-assembly

McNeel (Rhino3D, RhinoPython, Rhinocommon)
TDM Solutions (RhinoNest)
VRay (for Rhino)

>> See more work by Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY at


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