Animated Numbers of Simple 3D Shapes by Marcel Piekarski

mg_piekarski1 mg_piekarski2 mg_piekarski3 mg_piekarski4 mg_piekarski5 mg_piekarski6 mg_piekarski7 mg_piekarski8 mg_piekarski9

I have recently become particularly interested in 3D digital art. The capabilities of simple shapes in two dimensions is extraordinary. Furthermore, it’s a wonder the way our minds function with experimental typography, filling in the gaps when the letterforms are unclear or missing pieces.

This is why this series of numbers by Marcel Piekarski stood out to me. I appreciate their composition before even realizing that Piekarski made numbers out of these simple three-dimensional shapes. It’s a testament to the beauty of typography, in that the forms themselves, even without their representative meaning, are works of art. He takes it even further in the video above, by animating these glass and plastic tubes with strips of wood, flying and sliding around each other before ultimately creating their number.  And finally, Piekarski makes great use of industrial, desaturated textures as the backdrops that contrast the clear glass and the bright red plastic that exists throughout the series.

>> See more of Marcel Piekarski’s work at


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