Chinese Tea & Chocolates Packaging by Ken Lo

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This is Ken Lo’s second time on Minimo Graph, having been previously featured for his geometric greeting cards. Presented here is packaging for Chinese Tea, gift boxes, English Tea, and chocolates. In similar fashion to his greeting cards, Lo uses geometry and perfect combinations of color to create beautiful packaging.

His designs are more complex this time, with intricate patterns and creative shapes for the boxes themselves. The Chines Tea boxes are a mixture of triangles and parallelograms that fit together in a variety of layouts, leaving the options of presentation almost limitless. This is a brilliant idea that invites the consumer to play with the packaging in addition to enjoying the actual product inside.

Lo makes great use of the versatility of print, using gold inks and embossments to create a treasure chest for the gift boxes. The polygons look like wireframes of emeralds and rubies. The English Tea packages have quilted patterns reminiscent of royal cloth. And the chocolate boxes just look fun. They are much less organic than the other designs, but they use loud, celebratory colors to match the unique excitement of opening a box of chocolates.

>> See Ken Lo’s geometric greeting cards previously featured on Minimo Graph here.
>> See more of Ken Lo’s work at


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