Beautifully-Drawn Geometric Illustrations by YWFT

mg_ywft1 mg_ywft2 mg_ywft3 mg_ywft4 mg_ywft5 mg_ywft6 mg_ywft7 mg_ywft8 mg_ywft9 mg_ywft10

YouWorkForThem is a design studio, based out of Bangkok and Los Angeles, with an impressive repertoire and client list. These illustrations feature there skills at detailed geometric composition and color balance.

“YWFT Array is a beautifully-drawn icon font of stylish geometric illustrations, with an eclectic, art deco vibe. With its bisected circles and the bold, linear symmetry of its triangular border corners, YWFT Array is invaluable when creating a type specimen border, or posters and ads that seek to capitalize on a historical style. Just start typing, and YWFT Array’s elegance and glamor will do all the pattern work for you automatically, with a smooth modernity that is almost magical. William Van Alen would be proud.”

You can download Array here.

>> See more work by YouWorkForThem at


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