Art Deco Glyph Font :: “Motif” by YWFT

mg_ywft20a mg_ywft20b    mg_ywft22 mg_ywft23 mg_ywft24   mg_ywft28mg_ywft25mg_ywft27 mg_ywft26

I recently posted some rad geometric patterns by YouWorkForThem, a studio based out Bangkok and Los Angeles, but I came across this glyph font, Motif, which is also created by YWFT, and I had to share it. I love the art deco style, and the color palette is like a mixture of playful and mature. Some colors are bright, yet subdued. The vectors are flat, but some are 3D optical illusions.

You can purchase Motif as a desktop or webfont here. It’s half-off until November 30th, so you can get it for $12.50.

Check out YouWorkForThem’s previous feature on Minimo Graph here.

>> See more work by YouWorkForThem at


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