Object Porn: Gradient Chili Foil Banana Licking by Fanny Papay

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Hungarian artist Fanny Papay creates still lifes that oversaturate the senses. In one piece, a yellow rubber glove stands with a silver glove of its kind lying beside it with half of a silver pineapple sprouting out from its palm. The floor is a rainbow gradient, and the backdrop is a composition of tin foil, royal blue, an neon orange parallelogram, and a checkered circle. A pale pink and white gingham borders the scene, along with the label “OBJECT PORN.”

Papay uses the same objects or even the exact same photograph of the objects in different contexts, showing the way different textures and colors interact with each other. She has a penchant for reflective surfaces, like foil or gold and silver spray paint. She objectifies objects, by taking something already inanimate, like a jalapeño, and painting it silver, altering its purpose. You cannot eat it anymore, because you can only look at it. It’s a sculpture now, not the object it once was. While I don’t want to read too much into Papay’s use of the word “porn,” she does give us a better understanding of objectification, without making a political statement on its merits. Looking at a human on a computer screen makes him something different, like the way the jalapeño became something different. “Object Porn” is the presentation of things in such a way that their value and purpose is only visual.

>> See more of Fanny Papay’s work at fannywork.tumblr.com.


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