Geometric, Screen-Printed Gig Posters by RAINBOW

mg_rainbow1 mg_rainbow2 mg_rainbow3 mg_rainbow4 mg_rainbow5 mg_rainbow6 mg_rainbow7 mg_rainbow8 mg_rainbow9a mg_rainbow9b mg_rainbow9c mg_rainbow9d mg_rainbow9e

“We avoid this dangerous little bastard, called pc, to work with.” That’s how RAINBOW starts off their bio. Their hardcore attitude toward the physical process of design creates incredible results. These screen-printed posters are beautifully composed and contain so many interesting layers.

The greatest advantage of designing posters in this way is the texture. Above are some close-ups that show the amazing details that make up the gradients. Despite such organic texture, RAINBOW’s shapes are sharp and precise.

These posters strongly remind me of the work of  A. M. Cassandre, whose work inspired me to start Minimo Graph. Having lived and died before computers existed, Cassandre relied on more organic methods to create his shapes and gradients, which were comprised of the same kinds of textures and precision as these posters by RAINBOW.

You can purchase prints by RAINBOW at

>> See more of RAINBOW’s work at


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