Dreams of People & Patterns, Mixed-Media by Laura Redburn

mg_redburn1 mg_redburn3 mg_redburn4 mg_redburn5 mg_redburn6 mg_redburn7 mg_redburn8 mg_redburn8b

Laura Redburn is a mixed-media artist living in Wales. These artworks primarily focus on women, but her portfolio has a broader range of subjects.

“Color, animals, nature, old films, science fiction, dreams and vivid imagination inspire her. She likes to create snapshots from dreams and other worlds in her work, leaving the viewer to reflect upon their own dreams, imagination and experiences to gather their own meaning from the illustrations.”

Redburn takes objects or people out of their context and uses them as a piece of a two-dimensional sculpture. By repurposing their likeness, they become shapes and textures. At the same time, they are not abstract to the point of being unidentifiable, which allows us to see her dreamworlds.

>> See more of Laura Redburn’s work at cardboardcities.co.uk.


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