Extraordinary & Colorful Creatures by Lili des Bellons

mg_bellons1 mg_bellons2 mg_bellons2b mg_bellons3 mg_bellons3b mg_bellons3c mg_bellons3d mg_bellons4 mg_bellons4b mg_bellons5 mg_bellons6 mg_bellons7 mg_bellons8 mg_bellons9 mg_bellons9b mg_bellons10

Dysenterie Moleculaire, a series of drawings depicting fantastical creatures, is a personal project by French artist Lili des Bellons. His subjects range from human to monstrous to alien. These drawings have a cultural mixture of Asian and African styles. When Bellons toes the line between human and robot, there is a great similarity to the Louisiana artist and self-proclaimed prophet Royal Robertson—his artwork on Sufjan Steven’s The Age of Adz album cover is particularly relevant. Contrasting to Roberts’ unwrought artworks, though, is Bellons’ control over his medium. There is a perfection to each of these pieces. The textured mix of colors is incredibly precise and tight, creating dazzling gradients and deeply-felt emotions in the eyes of his creatures.

>> See more of Lili des Bellons’ beautiful work at lilidesbellons.com.


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