Graffiti & Milk :: Milan van de Goor & Lynn van den Berg

mg_milk0 mg_milk1 mg_milk1b mg_milk2 mg_milk3 mg_milk4 mg_milk4b mg_milk5b mg_milk7 mg_milk8 mg_milk8b mg_milk9

Dutch artists Milan van de Goor, who was previously featured on this blog, and Lynn van den Berg conducted this beautiful experiment. They started with a leaf on top of a plate of milk and then introduced spray paint to the equation. They observed that the spray paint actually floated on top. As it dried, a film formed, which they took advantage of by adding multiple layers. When they pulled the stem of the leaf, the now elastic, dried layers of spray paint separated, revealing multiple levels of beautiful color.

>> See more of Milan van de Goor’s work at
>> See more of Lynn van den Berg’s work at


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