The Art of Context :: Street Sculptures by Tobias Faisst

mg_faisst1bmg_faisst1mg_faisst2 mg_faisst3 mg_faisst4 mg_faisst5 mg_faisst6 mg_faisst7 mg_faisst8 mg_faisst9 mg_faisst10 mg_faisst11 mg_faisst12mg_faisst14mg_faisst13

I see five distinct variables in these artworks by German artist Tobias Faisst: the existing environments; the intentionally placed sculptural objects; the photographs of the environments and objects; the pairing of the photographs; and finally, the framing of the photographic pairs with solid colors. With this many variables at his disposable, Faisst manipulates our visual experience with context. What if the sculpture was in a different location? What if he paired an individual photograph with a different photograph? All of these sculptures could convey entirely different moods just by changing the color of the frame, or excluding it altogether.

These sculptures are interesting on their own, but my attention is mostly drawn to studying how the frame changes the image. Some of the frames emphasize an already significant color, causing the eye to especially focus on certain parts of the sculpture. Others add an entirely new color to the mix, which creates a beautiful ensemble of colorful juxtapositions.

>> See more of Tobias Faisst’s artwork at


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