Electric Car Charging Plug as Contemporary Art

mg_kleev1 mg_kleev2 mg_kleev3 mg_kleev4 mg_kleev5

In this concept design, Thierry Schlegel contextualized a utilitarian object as contemporary art. As a promotion for BWM’s “i,” a series of all-electric/hybrid cars, he portrayed a vehicle’s charging plug as part of an abstract geometric artwork. A few posts ago, I featured Tobias Faisst’s street sculptures, through which he illustrated the power of context by intentionally presenting artwork in a variety of ways that influence the viewer’s perception. Schlegel accomplished this same effect by surrounding the charging plug, which is essentially comprised of circles within circles, with shapes and lines that accentuate the plug’s inherent beauty. Schlegel’s choice of context alters our perception, allowing us to see more than just a utilitarian mechanism.

>> See more work by Thierry Schlegel at thierryschlegel.com.


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