Colorful Mountain Landscape Geometry by Marta Orzel

mg_orzel1 mg_orzel2 mg_orzel3 mg_orzel4 mg_orzel5 mg_orzel6

With smooth-topped mountains, France-based illustrator, Marta Orzel, created these collages of mountains with the flow of a sine wave. Check out the rest of her work, which often combines soft geometry with nature. She describes her own work in her bio:

“The images I produce are filled with mountain landscapes, deep forests inhabited by animals, fantastic creatures walking under the sparkling sky. There is a strange harmony in my drawings, a sense of calm that comes from the way I apply paint, with great precision, transforming the paper millimeter by millimeter. There is also a contrast : straight, cold lines, right angles, all this sharp geometry – and inside of it leaves, cells, organic life growing up. And finally there is an intense, succulent color which sometimes becomes the subject itself.”

The fantastical, other-worldly feeling of Orzel’s work reminds me of the work of Aitch, another artist featured on this blog.

>> See more work by Marta Orzel at


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