“Caracas: Volatile City” :: Artworks by Ezequiel Barakat

mg_barakat1 mg_barakat2 mg_barakat3 mg_barakat4

Ezequiel Barakat is an Argentinian artist who creates geometric compositions with natural textures through drawing, printmaking, and painting. In this series, he draws inspiration from where he lives, Caracas. He explains:

I have started this new series of images on recycled paper during the last part of 2013. It deals with the sensations and inputs that the city where I currently live, Caracas, has made on my feelings as an artists. I can use the definition of “volatile” as something likely to change suddenly and unexpectedly or suddenly become in another thing. I believe Caracas has this attribute of surprise that is a privileged tool for the artistic “inspiration”. I have just started a series of ten single pieces, on natural handmade paper of Lara region. The titles are oriented towards icons of Caracas, as the wonderful mountain that slops on the city, called Avila: an enormous wall of green forest, kind of lungs of the city.”

>> See more work by Ezequiel Barakat at ezequielbarakat.com.


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