Geometry as Biography :: Abstractions by Natasha Todd

mg_todd1 mg_todd2 mg_todd3 mg_todd4 mg_todd5 mg_todd6 mg_todd7 mg_todd8

In these artworks, Natasha Todd tells the story of her life through the places she has lived. The shapes are informed by the architecture of each city, while the colors represent her emotional responses to the place. In here own words:

“Connected Cities was a personal biography of the places I have grown up: London, Edinburgh and Dundee. For this series, combinations of colour were brought together through abstract and minimalist forms derived from the built environment of connected cities. As it developed the forms and compositions became more instinctive as I captured the essence of each city from my memory.

The three dimensional shapes are inspired by the architecture of the particular city, while the colour palette within each piece is evocative of my experiences. The colours and shapes harmonise within each piece and flow across from one to another. The tones within each painting, and within the series as a whole, are delicately balanced as each contains a specific palette that tips into the next.

I am interested in the ways in which viewers engage with the works, finding their own interpretations and seeing how the colours and shapes can resonate with their sense of place. This creates an interconnection between myself and the viewer, whether their experience is long lived or transient, and has led to interaction between us about what the series evokes in them.”

>> See more of Natasha Todd’s work at


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