Clouds Mirroring People by Christopher Jonassen

mg_jonassen1mg_jonassen2 mg_jonassen3 mg_jonassen4 mg_jonassen5

Norwegian photographer, Christopher Jonassen, juxtaposes two photographs in each image. At the bottom is a person, gazing toward the sky. Their bodies rest on water, grass, or pavement. Above them, we can see what they see: cloud formations. The composition of the cloud photographs beautifully mirrors the floating position of the people, as well as their temperment.

The woman in water is isolated, floating in a sea of blue, just like her corresponding cloud.

The clouds swirl in the second image, much like the long grass that surrounds the woman in the red-orange dress.

A speckle of a white dress stands out in the bright sunshined grass. The curve of the path mimics the mountainscape, which underlines the cloud above.

The only male in the series pairs with the only warm-colored sky, crossed by streaks of purple and orange. The lines on the pavement create their own streaking pattern.

In the final photograph, a woman is again the subject. Her isolation, too, mirrors her corresponding cloud. The light shining around her almost looks like stratus clouds of light, overlaying the pavement.

>> See more of Christopher Jonassen’s work at


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