Beautiful Models, Stomach Bile & Decapitated Cats

mg_kingo1 mg_kingo2 mg_kingo3 mg_kingo4 mg_kingo5 mg_kingo6

In an editorial for Kaltblut Magazine, photographer Aleksandra Kingo and illustrator Jason Kerley collaborated for the series YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU EAT. Kerley added his flair to Kingo’s portraits, by illustrating snot, bile, and rotten spaghetti on top of the models. There are also a couple cats—one decapitated—perched on islands, surrounded by a strange blue liquid spilling off a dinner plate. The juxtaposition of vectors on photographs is always intriguing, but covering beautiful models with vector stomach bile is even more intriguing. The overlaid bodily fluids are highlighted even more by their soft pastel coloring and the occasional vegetative growth.

Be sure to check out all the folks who contributed to this series.

>> Photography & Art Direction: Aleksandra Kingo
>> Illustration: Jason Kerley
>> Styling: Ellis Wood
>> Hair & Make up: Carmen Procopiuc
>> Model: Tatiana Makrinova D1 Models


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