“2D or Not 2D” :: Turning Models’ Faces Into 2D Images

mg_khokhlov1 mg_khokhlov2 mg_khokhlov3 mg_khokhlov4 mg_khokhlov5 mg_khokhlov6 mg_khokhlov7 mg_khokhlov8 mg_khokhlov9 mg_khokhlov10 mg_khokhlov11

A collaboration between photographer Alexander Khoklov, make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan, and photographer/digital artist Veronica Ershova, 2D or not 2D is a portrait series of optical illusions. Inspired by the flat nature of poster design, the artists—through paint, lighting, and post-production retouching—transformed 3D human models into what appear to be 2D paintings. These portraits all require a second look, and many of them are absolutely convincing. What I find most impressive is the variety of painting styles Kutsan believably imitates, like watercolors, oil paint, crosshatched sketching, comicbook halftones, and even one in the style of Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster.

Check out other work by these artists.

>> Photography – Alexander Khokhlov alexanderkhokhlov.com
>> Make-up – Valeria Kutsan kutsanvaleriya.com
>> Retouching & Post-production Veronica Ershova 500px.com/ni4e


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