Geometry in the Insane Asylum :: Artwork by Ashkan Honarvar

mg_honarvar1 mg_honarvar2 mg_honarvar3 mg_honarvar4 mg_honarvar5 mg_honarvar6 mg_honarvar7 mg_honarvar8 mg_honarvar9 mg_honarvar10

Ashkan Honarvar focuses on the human body in his artwork. He conveys complex dark emotions through a manipulation of a person’s physical form. In these portraits, Honarvar intertwines geometry with dated portraits of the insane. He explains:

“These photographs from 1884 depict patients from an insane asylum. They originally served to reveal a connection between the patients’ disturbed state of mind and their physical appearance during the first years of society’s interest in psychology. During this period, photography was used to register certain medical situation and conditions. Over the years, we have uncovered many mysteries about the human psyche, but we have only just scratched the surface when it comes to understanding the mind.”

>> See more of Ashkan Honarvar’s work at


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