Mixing Disciplines :: “BOREDOM” Identity by Aldous Massie

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Aldous Massie is an Australian artist, who focuses on illustration, fashion, and drawing. He is incredibly talented in a number of other mediums though, so I will probably feature more of his work on the blog. This particular project is the identity for BOREDOM, “an online publication that collates the projects of a researcher, a poet, and a graphic designer.” This is a very liberal arts concept, with three different disciplines juxtaposed so that they can provide insight into each other. It’s discovery and exploring.

The trio includes Aldous Massie, as well as Emmie Rae and Ali Groves. Emmie Rae, the poet, is the model photographed in the branding. She stares blankly at the camera with her mouth ajar. BOREDOM explains itself as “a counter-weight to the scroll-through generation, stirring a more contemplative experience.” With her lifeless expression, Rae is like a zombie in front of a computer screen. However, with no apparent make-up and a naked body, she is very natural, beautiful, and innocent.

Massie wraps her face in a pale pink mask, that’s like a wireframe of a sculpture. The word wireframe is now most associated with computers and the internet, whereas this type of sculptural imagery—in combination with BOREDOM’s liberal arts focus—brings to mind the Renaissance, which is certainly a testament to the value of interwoven disciplines. The model is nude, light-skinned, and colorless, like a marble bust. The mask is cast from her face, giving it an anatomical accuracy. I might be reaching too far with this analysis, but, intended or not, this allusion to the Renaissance is perfect for BOREDOM.

As shown in one of the images, the mask is printed on a transparency that can be pulled away from the model’s face. Perhaps, this is a representation of BOREDOM’s goal to open the eyes of the “scroll-through generation.” With an emphasis on naturalness, discovery, and art, Massie’s identity for BOREDOM conveys the creative environment the publication is intended to foster. You can check out BOREDOM at boredom-online.com.

>>  See more of Aldous Massie’s work at aldousmassie.com.


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