An Organic Identity for Artphy by Buro Reng

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Ever since seeing Sagmeister’s incredible Casa da Musica identity back in 2007, I’ve been enamored by the exploration of logos and branding beyond the traditionally static. A logo can now interact with its context, changing depending on circumstance.

Buro Reng, founded by Pascal Rumph & Hans Gerritsen, created this blue identity for Artphy, a center for art and philosophy “in the countryside of Gronlingen, surrounded by clay and potato fields.” The identity quite literally interacts with its environment, connecting to the earth and growth in Gronlingen.

Buro Reng explains:

“Graphic design is allowing yourself to make mistakes and knowing which ones to keep. By sketching, experimenting, researching, and exploring. We used the circle as a starting point. Making use of linocuts and stamping techniques great organic circles arose.

A circle is the symbol of the void, the infinity and the absolute freedom, bound by nothing. The circle takes you back to yourself. The circle has no beginning, no end. The circle is the base of the soul and also the symbol of eternity. In Buddhism, the circle symbolizes the harmony between all spiritual forces: Yin and yang, black and white, good and evil.”

>> See more of Buro Reng’s work at


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