Nu Spirit Club Tape-Drawn Geometry by Mikaela Lilhops

mg_lilhops1 mg_lilhops2 mg_lilhops3 mg_lilhops4 mg_lilhops5 mg_lilhops6 mg_lilhops7 mg_lilhops8 mg_lilhops9

Mikaela Lilhops (Michaela Chmelickova) is a Slovakian artist based in London. She works in all sorts of formats from posters to logos to t-shirts, and for this particular project, tape drawing. Her style is distinct and varied. She describes it as “simple, lively, geometric, vibrant, funky, sci-fi, [and] futuristic,” which I think is the perfect description, after touring her portfolio.

Nu Spirit is a club in Bratislava, Lilhops’ hometown. With white tape, she created a series of 3-wall rooms, separated by columns. Inside each one, gravity-defying triangles and squares dance alongside cocktails and beer bottles. A cat also makes an appearance amidst the other floating marvels. Black walls and brightly-colored lights emphasize her designs; when you walk into the club, it’s clear that you’re also walking into an art installation. While the photographs do well to illustrate the effect of the environment she created, I can only imagine how much more magical these scenes must be with increasing levels of intoxication.

Photos by Juraj Bartoš

>> See more of Mikaela Lilhops’ work at


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