Body Paint Design for Minna Parikka by Janine Rewell

mg_rewell5 mg_rewell6 mg_rewell7 mg_rewell8

Janine Rewell is a Helsinki-based artist, described by herself as being “inspired by the geometry of nature, decorative details and intense colors.” Those influences mix with her fascinating style, “an enchanting mix of Scandinavian design and Slavic folk art.” I first discovered her work in Print Magazine’s “20 Under 30: The New Visual Artists Exhibition,” which featured a geometric tanning design on a man’s body.

The photo shoot above is her collaboration with shoe designer Minna Parikka, and it is probably my favorite of her portfolio. Models’ nude bodies (except they’re wearing shoes) are painted in loud geometric designs that correlate with their background. Their presence is subtly apparent, with small pieces of raw skin revealed, which creates a slight optical illusion amidst beautiful, colorful compositions.

Photography by Jonas Lundqvist. 
Body paint by Saara SarvasRiina Laine. 
Film by Rasmus Wilén.
Music by The Left Handed.

>> See more of Janine Rewell’s work at


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