Paintings with Aluminum Leaf by Jim Napierala

mg_napierala1 mg_napierala1b mg_napierala3 mg_napierala4 mg_napierala5 mg_napierala5b mg_napierala5c mg_napierala6 mg_napierala7 mg_napierala8 mg_napierala9 mg_napierala10

Combining flashe, acrylic, and aluminum leaf on wood, New York-based artist Jim Napierala paints organic overlapping lines, whose intersecting shapes contain colors and light. Chaos and clarity coexist, as a gesture of a hand or an expression of a face show through the swirling movement that wraps around them. Napierala’s inclusion of aluminum leaf emphasizes this movement, as the paintings colors perpetually change depending on the reflected light.

You can purchase Napierala’s work at Saatchi Art.

>> See more of Jim Napierala’s work at


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