“VERTIGO” :: Brushed Aluminum Screen Print by Matt W. Moore

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VERTIGO is a rad new project by Matt W. Moore, an artist who was previously interviewed on the blog. He’s known for working in multiple mediums, applying his talent in new ways. In this latest innovation, he screen-printed on metal, which created a beautiful new element, the interaction with light. Moore explains:

“VERTIGO was screen-printed directly on raw aluminum, a process that creates lots of interesting opportunities for different lighting, reflections, and magic moments. Throughout the process of designing it I was always mindful of where the aluminum sections would shine through the art. It’s not just a flat art dropped onto a cool material, I really integrated the aluminum into the design, so there are lots of moments where the highlights of forms are made from the actual light in the environment instead of the ink color in the artwork. 

The artwork has a fun ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story to it. It is a portrayal of the idea of vertigo. Disorienting and confusing, hard to decipher, which way is up and down. The typography in the piece reads ‘Vertigo’ 4 different times, in all 4 directions, so it is possible for the art to hang in any way and reveal another cryptic typographic execution. I love the idea of rotating a print every week, month, or year and having a new narrative to decipher and appreciate.”

Check out this project at 1xRun, the guys who printed it with Moore. They’ve got a great interview with Moore, and you can be on the lookout for future creations of his. There were 25 of these printed, but they already sold out!

Images via Matt W. Moore and 1xRun.

>> Read my interview with Matt W. Moore here.
>> See more of Matt W. Moore’s work at MWMgraphics.com.


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