Corporeal Illustrations by Paulo Albuquerque Loc

mg_alb1 mg_alb2 mg_alb3 mg_alb4 mg_alb5

Red and Blue between Black and Grey is a series of five illustrations by Portuguese artist Paulo Albuquerque Loc. Each image represents a part of the body through which Albuquerque conveys a particular feeling or attitude. In Portuguese, he uses the phrase auto-retracto, which I think means something like self-depiction or the conveying of one’s story. (I don’t know Portuguese, so I’m relying on a translation and some guesswork.)

The body parts and their corresponding expressions from top to bottom are:
Head – Sharing   Cabeça – Partilha
Heart – Love   Coração: Amor
Hand – Union   Mão – União
Feet – Freedom   Pés – Liberdade
Lungs – Pride   Pulmões – Orgulho

In Portuguese, the expressions form an acronym of the artist’s first name:
Partilha, Amor, União, Liberdade, Orgulho.

In addition to all of the meaning behind these illustrations, they are just beautiful compositions: a fascinating mix of solid colors, textures, patterns, and intertwined pencil sketches.

>> See more of Paulo Albuquerque Loc’s work at


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