Furniture Design Mixing Art and Architecture :: Bat Eye

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Bat Eye is the design brand of Marc Sousa, who pursued furniture design after studying architecture. These two sideboard pieces, “Stone” and “Arc” are both reflections on the city of Porto, Sousa’s hometown. He explains the meaning in fascinating detail:


“Granite is an integral part of the city of Porto; it is upon it that the city is built. To observe Porto is to rediscover the images of a hidden dream we hold within us. Dense images, as impenetrable as the morning mist. The Douro River accompanies the natural extension of the quay, exposing the towering granite escarpments, steep slopes and high cliffs, where history has its roots.

Bat eye presents its latest creation: ‘Stone’, a piece that reflects the beauty of the stone that lights up the city. ‘Stone’, an unique sideboard handmade crafted, coated with golden leaf and a blue satin interior depicting the radiant involvement of whole Porto absorbing the river…”


“What nature separated, man wanted to unite. Two margins and a bridge that led them talking. 125 years were enough for the D. Luís I bridge became one of the most iconic places of Porto. Although the official name of the bridge is “Luiz I”, as attested by the inscriptions on the plates of the pillars on the entries of the lower deck, the population of Porto has always called it “D. Luís Bridge”, excepting the title of the king with whom the city was very close to. However, the Arc Sideboard seems its antithesis. Instead of a magnanimous piece of engineering, Marco Sousa designed for Bat eye a singular piece worked by the hand of the artisan, with an interior carefully designed and finished in satin wood; the metal joining the margins is now the support base.

Finally, we leave aside the monochrome and dress up the piece with hand painted tiles. The same that dress up the city of Porto, and by which tourists fall in love, reflex of a culture of a People.”

>> See more of Marc Sousa/Bat Eye’s work at


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