Wire Encapsulated Model by Madame Peripetie

mg_peri1 mg_peri2 mg_peri3 mg_peri4 mg_peri5 mg_peri6 mg_peri7

This is the third time I’ve featured Madame Peripetie on the blog, because I’m endlessly surprised by the work she creates. This piece, “Wired” for Eyewear Magazine, fascinates the eye. Fluid wireframes wrap and encapsulate the fair-skinned, white-haired model, whose light features make her dissolve into the white background, emphasizing her black-and-white patterned clothing. The dynamic contrast and the movement of the wire are first noticed, and then second is a small spot of color in the eyewear, subtly resting on her face.

Check out Madame Peripetie’s previous features on Minimo Graph, here and here.

Photo assistant: Panos Damaskinidis
Assistants: Lesley-Ann Daly, Nirma Madhoo
Styling: Stella Arion
Fashion assistants: Sofia Drakou, Ruhani Singh
Make-up: Marina Keri using BECCA
Hair: Muamera Pulic @ STILPLATTE using Bumble&Bumble
Props: Emily Pugh
Props assistant: Josceline O’Sullivan

>> See more of Madame Peripetie’s work at madameperipetie.com


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