Geometric Industrial Design by Maria Ines Saracho

maceteros mg_saracho2 mg_saracho3 mg_saracho3a mg_saracho4 mg_saracho4b mg_saracho5 mg_saracho6a mg_saracho6b mg_saracho10 mg_saracho11 mg_saracho12

Maria Ines Saracho is an architect based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Throughout her work, she employs a minimalist and geometric aesthetic. Featured above are chairs, planters, lamps, tables, and shelving. The chairs are beautiful; she decorates them with a wireframe of patterns. The planters, lamps, and glass tables also have this wireframe motif, almost appearing like the structure of an unfinished sculpture.

She beautifully pairs the organic and natural with the simplicity and sterility of minimalism. The white chairs, with their perfect geometry, lay against the backdrop of greenery. Columns of natural wooden shapes hang lightbulbs. And my favorite juxtapositions are with her planters. They are so modern and simple and clean, but they exist to house something so wild and imperfect, with green leaves asymmetrically spilling over the sides.

>> See more of Maria Ines Saracho’s work at


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