“Nymph with Jeans & Minotaur” Mural by Riccardo Guasco

mg_guasco1 mg_guasco2 mg_guasco3 mg_guasco4 mg_guasco4b mg_guasco6 mg_guasco5

Reminiscent of Picasso’s Guernica, Italian artist Riccardo Guasco’s Ninfa con jeans e minotauro (Nymph with jeans and Minotaur) cubistically distorts a beastly minotaur and a beautiful nymph, Detached limbs wrap from behind shapes, unsure of their owner. While Guernica portrays the violent bombing of Guernica with charred bodies scattered and contorted in black and white, Ninfa con jeans e minotauro celebrates beauty in full color.

Before the finished work, Ninfa con jeans e minotauro was a performance—which can be seen in the video above—as Guasco painted the 7 square meter canvas in front of the public as part of “The Art of Denim” event, an international campaign by McArthurGlen and PICAME.

Direction by FARGO & Riccardo Delfanti

>> See more of Riccardo Guasco’s work at riccardoguasco.com.


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