Pattern-based Portraits by Natalie-Kate Pangilinan

mg_pang0 mg_pang1 mg_pang2 mg_pang3 mg_pang4 mg_pang5 mg_pang6 mg_pang7

There is something very solemn about these characters, created by Moscow-based artist Natalie-Kate Pangilinan. They have blank or moody stares. The woman stomping on a copy of herself seems suspended in a dance. Similar to all of these portraits is Pangilinan’s incredible use of pattern, which defines the figures and separates the foreground from the background. She makes great use of negative space as well, letting our eyes draw the rest of the scene that the patterns don’t define. Pangilinan is an exceptional illustrator, and you should see the rest of her portfolio, which is all distinctly hers, but each piece is a new insight into her perspective of the world.

>> See more of Natalie-Kate Pangilinan’s work at


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